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Holiday Feature: Join us for our Small Works Holiday Art Market!

This year, we are holding our first ever Small Works Holiday Art Market. Stop by to pick up gifts for your loved ones (or to snag something for yourself). This is a rare opportunity to purchase work directly from our artists, from their studio to your home.

For this month's feature, we asked a few of our artists about the work they are selling for event. Keep reading to get some insight about what "small works" means to them, and for a sneak peak of some of the available work!

What does "small works" mean for you and your practice?

Mike O'Brien: I make watercolor and acrylic paintings on wood inspired by American traditional tattoo flash designs. The small ones are generally under 12"x12"

Sean Riley: Small Works are those drawings or paintings that do not have the ambition of larger works but are very important in the development of ideas and processes - in fact, the majority of what I make falls under the category of "small works." I generally offer these works at a lower price point than larger and more time-consuming works.

Noël St.John Harnden: The majority of my work is large scale mixed media on canvas, but I’ve always had a size range of works and mediums to give people a viable choice when collecting my work.

The smallest pieces are one of a kind Mono prints on paper starting at 11”x14”, framed and unframed, 22”x30” and graphite on paper 22”x30”. the prints are a chance for me to take themes I use in my larger work and experiment with color, texture, abstraction and imagery in a more immediate way, prints take a few hours, whereas the larger pieces can take two months.

Sean Riley, Mountains of Color, 2022. Oil on paper, 14.5" x 10"

Are you selling prints, recent originals, older works, or other goods? Can you share a little bit about the specific items you are selling?

Mike O'Brien: I'll be selling a mix of recent originals and a few oldies from 2019. I'll pull some older posters from my screenprinting days as well.

Sean Riley: All works on display will be priced at $100 - this work will be original drawings and paintings dating from 1999 - 2023.

Noël St.John Harnden: I will have mono prints in color on printing paper 11”x14”, 22”x30” framed and unframed, and some unframed graphite on paper 22”x30”.

Noël St.John Harnden, installation view of small works.

What is one exciting career event you are looking forward to in the new year?

Mike O'Brien: I'm building a new body of paintings for my next solo exhibition and I'm excited for folks to get an early peek.

Sean Riley: I am excited to establish my studio in DC (at 52 O St) and introduce my work to local collectors and art aficionados. The Open Studio and Small Works sales are an excellent opportunity for me to do this.

Noël St.John Harnden: I am starting an in studio Art Salon that I plan on doing 3-4 times a year, to create an environment where people can gather to discuss art, process, and creativity. There will be a live demonstration of a piece during each of these events.

I am also hoping to be included in the 32nd Annual Strathmore Juried Exhibition this coming January 2024.

Mike O'Brien, selection of small works.

In addition to the artists above, some more work you can expect to see at the market includes:

  • Original works on paper by Hannelie Coetzee from her solo exhibiton at Morton Fine Art (Unit #302)

  • Prints and originals from Rat Gallery's next show, featuring Olivia Niuman, Maxwell Kane, and Chris Lauer (Unit #202 B)

12" x 12" abstract painting by LeAnne Tang

We'll see you there! Click the link below to register for the event. (RSVP is not required but always appreciated!)

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